Why YingYang Coaching?

 Meet Ying

(Psych: Soc; B. Nursing, Certified NLP practitioner, JP, a trained Demartini Method® Facilitator and Licensed Demartini Values Facilitator®) 

Founder and director of YingYang Coaching—a personal and professional development coaching company. 

Ying is also a human behaviour expert and a leading professional in clinical psychology, organisational behaviour, leadership skills and performance development. 

Ying‘s mission in life is to empower individuals through the knowledge and skills she has accumulated over the years by working closely with clients to provide unique approaches, tools, mindsets and skills to overcome their struggles. 

Behaviour Expert

Ying guides clients to master their own destiny and begin living fulfilling and meaningful lives. Ying is a warm and compassionate woman who aims to inspire individuals around the world to realise their full potential by providing an authentic and unique service. 

Our Mission & Vision

At YingYang Coaching, our purpose is to help clients overcome obstacles and offer guidance to ensure more clarity and certainty towards personal and professional development. 

Our mission is inspired by three actions: 

1. To educate and empower our clients to develop a strong sense of direction 

2. To deliver the highest standard of service 

3. To help clients achieve a rich, balanced and fulfilling lifestyle by providing authentic guidance

We believe these actions will bring us closer to achieving our vision to help build a world in which everyone is in complete alignment with their thoughts, desires, and actions.

“Ying has a very honest and authentic approach. Her knowledge of human behaviour makes it easy and practical for everyone to understand how to overcome challenges in relationships. I highly recommend Ying's service to everyone."

Allan, Director of Australian Outback Traders.

“Ying is very unqiue with her teaching style, she definitely gives me huge value and practical skills on how to improve my current family relationships when I have negative emotions. I highly recommend everyone join her workshops. Ying’s programs are very informative, helpful and so easy to relate to!”

Sarah, Personal Trainer

What makes us different?

What we are not:

• A conventional psychology practice 

• A typical life coach or counsellor to make suggestions on how to live a better life 

• Here to just listen your story 

We are a private human behaviour coaching and consulting service. Distinct from regular psychology or coaching firms, we have built our business on the vision to help individuals overcome obstacles in life that may impede personal and professional growth through a variety of unique strategies that place the client at the forefront of our efforts. 

The emphasis is always on the client, and our promise to you is to always take the concerns of clients into consideration when arranging consultations, payments, and development plans. 

6 Reasons to work with us

Tailor made: All programs, proposals and coaching content are cutting edge, and designed specifically for individual clients. 

Satisfaction guarantee: We are a results and outcome based service. We are the only consulting service in Sydney to provide a “Money Back Guarantee” policy to our clients for unsatisfactory outcomes. 

Flexible: Face-to-face, phone, skype, and email services available to all clients.

Empower & educate: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.” At YingYang Coaching, we educate our clients how to use the tools and skills we provide for long term personal and professional development.  

Unique: Compared to traditional Western behaviour and development methodologies, our approach is a combination of both Eastern and Western psychological teachings—meaning it is both cutting edge and fast in results. We dare to dream and challenge traditional psychological tactics. 

• But most of all, we truly love what we do and are extremely passionate about ensuring the best, most beneficial outcomes for our clients.