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Achieve clarity, certainity & confidence with coaching & consultation packages tailor-made just for you!

Who needs personal coaching?

Our personal coaching services are directed towards individuals who feel they are at a crossroads in life and feel unable to make decisions with confidence or certainty. 

In particular, the following types of individuals will benefit most from this service : 

1. Individuals who struggle to find motivation and feel stuck in one place

2. People who struggle to make confident decisions in areas regarding their lives or personal relationships 

3. Individuals sick of feeling lost, and desire to see results in less time

4. Individuals who feel that stress, depression or anxiety are negatively impacting their social and personal lives.

"Life doesn't get easier, you just get stronger."

- Ying Yang


Learn the tools and skills to gain clarity and confidence in decision making 


Improve your self-esteem and learn to trust yourself more 


Develop goal-setting and achieving tactics for personal and professional development


Currently, depression is the leading cause of non-fatal diability, and affects over 1 million people in Australia. 

At YingYang Coaching, clients affected by depression will be equipped with long-term tools and strategies to break destructive patterns of behaviour and regain control over their lives. Our methodologies focus on empowering clients with practical skills to improve stress management and provide mental resilience training. 

Such methods will significantly improve the quality of life and help individuals regain a sense of passion and motivation for life. 


Whether it presents itself as panic attacks, compulsive hoarding, OCD or social phobias, anxiety can be described as a prolonged or uncontrollable sense of stress or worry.

At YingYang Coaching, we strive to help clients manage their thinking patterns by offering different cognitive and behavioural therapy methods suitable to specific cases.

By challenging and replacing negative thoughts and irrational fears, clients can look forward to conquering daily activties and situations that once triggered anxious thoughts and behaviours.

Relationship and Family Dynamics

It is normal to experience hardship and adversity in any relationship or family unit; but when you begin to feel overwhelmed by the emotional and psychological baggage of constant dysfunction or conflict, it can have a significant effect on your self-esteem, productivity, positive energy and general health. 

Common issues include infidelity, communication difficulties, loss of ‘spark’ in the relationship, differing views on parenting, finance or lifestyle, illness in the family, child-parent relationships, and divorce. 

As an expert in the field, Ying has handled complex family and relationship cases for many years, and is equipped to provide specialised guidance. Through our strong commitment and experience, YingYang Coaching can provide: 

• Tools and strategies to break destructive patterns, manage old, harbouring feelings of resentment and move towards a more supportive and intimate relationship 

• New methods of communication to help all parties understand each other more effectively 

• Practical skills to help partners or families develop harmony in their relationships 

• Intervention and prevention methods targeted towards addressing critical family transition points, including marriage, extension or separation.

Through our coaching packages, we will work with you in a safe and constructive environment—mediated—so that both parties can raise areas of concern or questions. If separation is inevitable, we can help clients manage and smooth the process to minimise damage or effects on children, so that all parties move forward positively and confidently. 

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