Distinct from standard psychology or coaching firms, we have built our business on the vision of guiding individuals to overcome obstacles that may impede personal and professional growth.

                                                  Our purpose.
To help you overcome obstacles and live with clarity, certainty and confidence. We provide a heart-based service to guide your growth and development.

                                                  Our mission.
To move beyond where traditional psychology stops. We combine Western psychology with Eastern wisdom and philosophy to bring powerful solutions to help individuals face everyday challenges. 

                                                   Our vision.
To help build a world in which everyone is in complete alignment with their thoughts, desires and actions.

As we say to all our clients, your success is our success; our mission is to equip individuals with long term skills, knowledge and strategies to ensure a future filled with clarity, certainity and confidence.


Online Programs

We provide a range of home study packages, including audio programs and online webinars.

Live Events

Ying's live events provide individuals with the opportunity to participate in engaging discussion, network with like-minded people, and gain powerful insights from Ying's teachings and on-going support after the event.

One on One

Transformational coaching packages, tailored for individual clients who want to overcome personal and professinal barriers.


Every month, we host a variety of business-networking events all around Sydney. 

 Sydney CBD

Tuesday 02.05.17

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Tuesday 23.05.17

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Tuesday 20.06.17

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North Sydney

Wednesday 19.04.17

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Wednesday 03.05.17

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Wednesday 17.05.17

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David, Editing Manager at Investor Torque.

“Ying Yang combines her qualifications in Western psychological health with her cultural grounding in Eastern wisdom to produce extraordinary results. She used her rare combination of skills to increase my staff's productivity. Ying has been a valuable resouce for my business.

Shivi, Author, speaker & entrepeneur of English Wise.

“Before I came to Ying, I was completely unaware as to where I was standing and felt stuck in my position. After coming in touch with Ying, she helped me stretch my awareness so that I had greater clarity about how I could practically and wisely make decisions regarding my personal and professional life. I am grateful for her guidance and wisdom."

Kathleen, University Lecturer

Ying's service saved my marriage. I have also grown in all areas; now, I feel tall, strong and healthy and confident that we have a great future ahead. Thank you for inspiring me to acknowledge that I am someone special, and the best is yet to come.  You taught me to be grateful and appreciate things I take for granted.